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Writer, producer, drummer and entrepreneur, Nicolette Noble is a multitalented creator. After landing a small role in MOTHER’S DAY, director Garry Marshall began mentoring the aspiring actor. Noble credits Marshall with inspiring her to pursue writing and filmmaking. She was co-writing an original sitcom with Marshall at the time of his death. 


In 2019,  she co-wrote SHARP with José Padilha, a spec intended to be the first movie of an action franchise. Netflix bought the script for seven-figures. Noble and Padilha then co-wrote another spec script that was quickly optioned by Miramax. 


In 2021 Noble formed a female-led production company with Juliette Beavan. The mission statement of the collaborative is to bring female voices from various ages and backgrounds to the screen. Noble and Beavan wrote a spec YA fantasy feature that is currently in development.  The response to that script landed them a YA book adaptation and horror feature. Noble is quoted, “I love taking an idea and putting it into a shape. Creating an entire script from a single thought is the best puzzle to me.”


Later this year they will make their directorial debut with DEADAVERSE, a self-penned, sci-fi thriller. 

Nicolette Noble
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